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About us

Seahorse Food and Beverage Company SL is the society behind Poseidon drinks. A partnership created by a group of friends with very different profiles: from a university professor of nutrition doctor in Biomedicine through two marketing profiles that have developed their activity in large consumption food companies and even a psychologist!

Marta Massip

Marta Massip

Oscar Bordas

Oscar Bordas
Partner – CFO

Marc Massana

Marc Massana
Partner – CMO

Our CEO has a degree in Chemical Sciences, PhD in Biomedicine and a university professor of nutrition and biochemistry. She has worked for 14 years as a researcher at major biomedical research centres and is a strong advocate of healthy and natural food and the use of sea water as part of healthy nutrition.


SEAHORSE is a company whose goal is to innovate in the healthy food sector further allowing the socioeconomic development of the European territory and the preservation of the sea environment.


The aim of the project is promote healthy eating bringing cutting edge drinks and snacks in order to increase healthy options for consumers without needing to pay much more than they are used to or willing to pay



We are food-researchers. We only manufacture products with a totally new formulation, elaborated with genuine ingredients never used before or applied totally different from any other offer on the market.



We only make products that our children and we will take. Our products are made with certified organic raw ingredients, with low glycemic index, without stimulants and preservatives. Our containers and bottles avoid plastic which has a high environmental cost as well as harmful effects to health caused by the presence of BPA which is a possible endocrine disruptor.



In order to help local development, the promotion of employment, and preservation of the environment, our products will be manufactured in the EU following the ecological standards and using raw materials that come almost entirely from within the EU. Part of the profits generated by SEAHORSE and the commercialization of its products, will be invested in environmental protection programs especially concerning the conservation of our Mediterranean sea as a source of life.

Poseidon Drinks

Poseidon Drinks is a healthy drink with natural minerals from pure deep see water (sterilized and micro-filtered) used as a raw food ingredient. Pure deep sea water, in diluted form, is a healthy way to increase a person’s dietary minerals contribution

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